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Quick and Easy Way to Cook Salmon

The salmon provides you with proteins of high biological value, as the majority of the fish family. Some tourist in an Apart-Hotel asked me for a recipe to cook salmon quickly and in an easy way in his small sized kitchen of the hotel. I recomended him a dish made by using pans, which I can say is my speciality.

Salmon, Vitamine Strenght

Once more sharing my cooking recipes, I find myself this time talking about Salmon. Exquisite dishes that anyone would find delicious and worth to try again. This fish is first of all, very nutritious. It is also rich in Omega 3 Fat, which we all know is good for the colesterol reduction. The same hapens with the plasmatic triglycerides that appear in this kind of food, which helps to the fluidity of blood in your body. This prevents clots from forming, and lead to further health problems.

Among other qualities, Salmon finds the ones of providing the human body with vitamins and minerals, which make our organism work the way it should. It helps to prevent the blood vessels to get hard and also helps in the bone development of the body. It is very recommendable to eat salmon at any chance you get, mostly if you are having heart issues.

Protein Provider

The salmon provides you with proteins of high biological value, as the majority of the fish family. Vitamins, on the other side, help us to absorb and take advantage of other nutrients like carbohydrates, fat and proteins. It has also a big quantity of soluble vitamins which come from the fat, like the vitamin A or D. The vitamin A helps you grow and repair better the skin and many other tissues of the human body. The vitamin D works like a controller of the calcium in the blood and helps to absorb this mineral to send it to the bone zone.

Seawater Fish

As it is known, the Salmon is a seawater fish that is reproduced in fresh water. I hope you enjoy cooking as much as me, always remembering my advice: "The best secret at cooking is to add a pinch of love."

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